So you've decided you'd like a keepsake from your beautiful day! Please can you fill out the form and we can get the ball rolling. I will be in touch regarding payment and any extra touches you are wanting for your album.


50% for the design stage to begin (this is non-refundable should the client decide to not proceed) Final payment due before sending to print.

Photo Selection

The Client selects their favourite 60-80 images from different snippets of the day and sends them via dropbox. The photographer then uses these images as a starting point. Not all of the selected images willl be included, we (the photographer) like to use our own artistic input to help tell a visual story of the clients wedding day. If the client would prefer us (the Photographer) to pick the images, we'd be happy to.

Design Process

Note: Albums are only designed between April-September

Once the photographer has the clients selected images and the 50% initial payment has cleared, the design process begins. Once this first round is complete, the client is sent the design for a revision. It is here that the client makes any notes (ask to swap any image positions, remove any images, subtle layout changes etc). Then these changes are made and this process happens 1 more time. After 2 rounds of revisions, the album is signed off by the client and the final payment made for the printing to commence. If at this point the client would like further revisions, a revision fee will apply (refer to price list).

Once the client receives each round of revisions, the client has 2 weeks to confirm any changes. If the Photographer has not heard from the client during this time the Photographer will then send a reminder. After an additional 2 weeks (4 weeks total) if the Photographer has not heard from the client, the album goes to the back of the album design pile. After 6 months, if the Photographer still has not heard from the Client, the order is cancelled and no down payment returned.

Once the album has been paid & sent off for printing, the album will take up to 4 weeks to arrive unless otherwise stated by the Photographer.

Please visit for current colours.

Please insert first names in here. Please note, not all material covers can be embossed with foil. We will contact you if there are any issues.

Include names, date. Write N/A if you do not want a translucent title page.

Tick and additional extras you would like to discuss with us

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