Old Forest School

Dillon and Hannah chose Old Forest School for their venue as an ode to the way the met back in their Primary School days! They only clicked when they met on a fateful tinder date and discovered they had known of each other all along. Full circle back to Old Forest School to get married! Definitely a day for it with a glorious muscle car, cracker weather, forest roads, golden light, funky sunnies and a beautiful venue. Old Forest School does not disappoint!


Dress // Madison Rose Bridal

Suits // Bond & Co

Hair and Make up // Desiree Osterman

Jewellery // Walker and Hall

Bridesmaids // Blak 

Catering // Divine Dine

DJ / Singer - Aaron Bloomfield

Florals // Sunny Bay Florist

Cake // Sponge Drop

If you're keen for a Bay of Plenty wedding with ample space for frivolities, some barn animals, a brilliant back up space if it rains, some old school nostalgia and a well oiled ship when it comes to the owners then may I suggest Old Forest School. It's got all the things you need and didnt even know you needed!

A gift of the GIF

Old Forest School definitely lends itself well to adding in some fun flavour. The tennis court is perfect for some alt images or gifs. I'm a big believer on having a day full of chuckling and general silly behaviour. The enjoyment of being married and getting to party with all your important people is my all time favourite to capture. These two embraced silliness and I was there to translate that into a gif. Check it out!

One last thing before you head off...

Can I suggest looking into Aaron Bloomfield as being a part of your big day? This chap wears many hats and can be your celebrant, DJ, MC, and singer all wrapped up into one humorous, entertaining bundle. He's bloody good at what he does and there will be zero disappointment booking him. He's a champ.