There are no rules when it comes to what to wear for a photoshoot, however I do have some tips to make your photos beautiful and timeless. A photo shoot should be relaxed and enjoyable. Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable will help you look relaxed in the photos.

What to think about when choosing your outfit.

Contrast is your friend. Make sure you set yourself apart from your background by wearing colours you know won’t blend in. For example, if you are having photos taken in a garden setting, you would avoid wearing greens/browns. The background should always be taken into consideration when choosing outfits for a portrait. Another thing to consider is your skin tone. If you are about to put on your favourite red dress, have a look in a mirror (in natural light if possible) and look for any colour reflections underneath your chin. Does the colour of your dress change the way your skin looks? Does it give you a ruddy complexion? Grey has a tendency to make you look washed out, yet on some people it can work with their skin. Every skin type has colours that compliment it, so it pays to think about colour & contrast to bring out the best in your features and skin tone. Nice flowy skirts and dresses are gorgeous for soul sessions. Lingerie, robes and kimonos are also fun to work with. I'd recommend bringing a few changes of clothes so we can shoot a range of different outfits. I have a few different items in my client wardrobe so if you want some help please sing out!

What should I avoid wearing?

The one thing you really should avoid wearing is any clothing with large logos or motifs/characters. These graphics, particularly logos can really weaken the focal point (your beautiful face!). The eye is drawn to what stands out, and in this case logos.

What colours to choose?!

I would recommend laying all the clothes being worn in your session on the bed and having a look at how they compliment each other. If you want to send me an email with your outfit choices I am more than happy to give feedback.

Most photographers prefer not to photograph reds, oranges and bright pinks. Any neon or overly saturated colours don’t work well for photoshoots. Bright colours attract attention away from the face and may be reflective. Dark clothing is slimming. When choosing lighter colours, pastels and neutral colours definitely make for gorgeous photos.



I know it seems like a daunting task when a camera is pointing at you, but the best photos are the ones where you're relaxed and enjoying yourself. I take you on a journey, we laugh, we talk about serious shit, we laugh some more. We move, we walk, we laugh and talk more shit. By the end of it we're mates. You've shared your vulnerability with me and that is something I hold sacred.

Be you

Be comfortable with who you are and embrace it. Make sure you wear what makes you feel like a special version of you - not someone else. Being comfortable is SO important. If you feel like a bloody queen after having a wax and spray tan I say go for it! If you're happier without a tan and a wax, I'm here for it! If you want to wear lingerie, damn girl please do. If you want to wear what you were born in, be my guest! If you don't want to show too much skin, I'm all for it. I want you to prepare for this session so you come into it knowing you're going to slay. You're beautiful, you're gorgeous just the way you are, you're enough. I'm here to honour you and I'm so grateful you trust me to capture you.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Sometimes everything doesn't go exactly as planned (sometimes it's better) embrace it and allow time for things to happen naturally - these are the moments you will treasure. Try have an easy day leading up to the shoot so you come into the session feeling ready.


The best light occurs just after the sun has come up or the hour before the sun sets. Midday light is super harsh and really affects how you look on the day. I recommend choosing a time that creates the best light. If you have your heart set on a session in the middle of the day, we will find a really nice shady spot for it.

Share it all with me

I can only capture your real personalities if you allow me into your world. Remember how you are when you’re at home and don’t hide it. Whether you're goofy and laugh a lot, or you're introverted let me into your loud and vulnerable moments. I will, of course, guide you through your shoot, but I need you to meet me in the middle and let yourself shine. Just be you! I want to capture all of those beautiful little between moments so let them unfold. To achieve candid photos you need to be in the moment and be candid. It's a two way street - laugh, smile, twirl, do things in the moment. Let's spend some time together and get those beautiful moments, the raw, wild, and vulnerable.


I have a bunch of cool spots for photo sessions. Whether it be the beach, bush, or somewhere with a view. If you have a location in mind I'd love to be there. If you're happy to trust my spots, then let's talk!

Andrea x