You're a guest at a wedding?

Wedding days are super fun with everyone making the most of the festivities. Alcohol is usually consumed in copious amounts making for all the lols. Unfortunately alcohol and the confidence that comes with it can also create situations, where being a female photographer, are either extremely uncomfortable or full on sexual harassment.

I have experienced guests who've made me feel either unsafe or extremely uncomfortable and it's just not cool at all. Word on the street from chatting to other females in the wedding photography industry is that they've experienced similar situations too. I'm a tough cookie, however if any of the behaviour below happened in any other workplace it would be taken extremely seriously. So let's work together to create a safer space for all female photographers/videographers in the wedding industry to go to work, enjoy it, and go home stoked on a mint day!

A few things to remember not to do if you're attending a wedding:

  • don’t call the photographer sexy
  • don't corner the photographer
  • don’t touch the photographer
  • don’t get in the photographers personal space
  • don’t follow the photographer to their car
  • don't make sexist jokes
  • don't ask the photographer to take photos of your hairy naked ass

Us photographers are usually a good crowd and love a bit of banter and laughs. We love stopping for a quick yarn too. We live for getting the candid shots of you living your best life at weddings. So here are some things you could try and do on the wedding day so your mates getting married can look back and feel stoked on the people they invited to their big day.

A few things to remember to do if you're attending a wedding.

  • do enjoy the wedding and all the fun that comes with it. It makes for bloody good photos.
  • do dance, laugh and be in the moment
  • do think about the special people's wedding you've attended
  • do let the photographer take photos of you. You've been invited to the wedding and your mates want a record of you there
  • do remember that we are behind the camera and paid to be there to capture all the goodness - see below

The majority of weddings I attend are full of good sorts! Please don't think this is something I experience every wedding. It's not a reflection on my clients at all. It's about being a decent human being and treating others with a bit of good ol' fashioned respect. I love my job and I'm always super pumped when shooting weddings. I'd like to go home after a wedding day and feel like I've had a safe space to create some epic shots for my clients.

We can all contribute to a wedding day in a most positive way. Check out my buddy David Le's blog on how to be a bloody good vendor on your clients wedding day here

Thanks for listening folks. Stay safe out there...

Andrea x